Nearly there…

…By which I mean we are nearly into yet another New Year.  This year, or rather next, I am absolutely determined to concentrate on my novel. I have made such promises to myself in the past and precious little has come of it.  That is why I have stuck my neck out and gone public with my intention to publish in 2014.  I am hoping that having popped my head above the parapet and admitted my dreams to the world (or that small part of it that reads this stuff), that I shall force myself to continue to write, and to actually complete the project and see it published, since to fail yet again would be rather embarrassing.

There is, I think, some inner fear in me that, even though I am over 27000 words in, I don’t have whatever it might take to carry on, and I have used the ‘Oooh! Christmas is coming…I have so much to do…’ excuse to stop struggling with plot and characterisation etc and sit folding bits of paper over oddly shaped objects.  It’s easier to wrap a chocolate teapot by an open fire than it is to write the next line, particularly as lately my characters have been going ‘off piste’ all by themselves and acting in a very peculiar fashion and I have no idea how to get them back on track.  Does that happen to you?  If so, please tell me how to discipline them.  I don’t want to squash their imaginations, and I admire their creative spirit, but I would like them to do what I want occasionally otherwise the story that I imagined will turn into something else completely.

Which on reflection, might not be a bad thing…I digress!

So, that said, how do you discipline yourself to write?  What advice would you give to a dreamer with the attention span of a gnat and the self discipline of a two year old 😀  

Do you have a nagging parent, spouse or significant other who lovingly reminds you of your resolution?  Is your muse/conscience sitting on your shoulder like a dead weight, or does he/she/it give you wings?  Do you have some wonderful technical gizmo that goads you into action without any urging on your part?  If so, please let me know what it is and I shall download it immediately.  I do love a gadget. But whatever means you use to stick to your keyboard and produce your words, I would love to hear how you stay motivated.  

Or perhaps you are just superbly driven, disciplined and motivated.  

Oh, how I envy you.

I wish I was.  

Happy New Year, one and all.






Author: redemberglow

I have started, and even finished a few novels, yet never have I had one published. This is my wish, that the fantasy novel I am currently working on shall be completed, proof-read, edited and published within the next twelve months. I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire in the UK and have used the surrounding countryside, and some local legends, to inspire my story. I welcome all visitors to my page and shall, in due course, publish snippets of my work for your perusal. I invite any constructive criticism and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and 'wanna be' novelists alike. I am a woman of a 'certain age' and I like to think that my advancing years have given me experience of the vicissitudes of life, all of which can only add spice to the mix. I love to read, cook and garden. I love my family with a passion, and my dogs and chickens very nearly as much! I have always been fascinated by folklore and fantasy and love to immerse myself in the escapism of it all.

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