I cannot, really cannot believe that it is a whole year since I last posted. I am deeply ashamed of myself, and try as I might, I can find no plausible excuse for so neglecting my blog. I promise to be more attentive in the future. So here’s a quick ‘catch-up’ for anyone who might be interested.


I cannot, really cannot believe that it is a whole year since I last posted.  I am deeply ashamed of myself, and try as I might, I can find no plausible excuse for so neglecting my blog.  I promise to be more attentive in the future.

However, I’ve not been totally idle and I have been working on my fantasy novel and have managed to increase my word count to a little over 56 thousand words. Hopefully, some of them at least will survive the editing process if I ever make it to that stage. I have found that even though not all of my time has been taken up with the actual writing process, I have been spending hours on research and to my delight the story is now following a more cohesive course.  I feel my characters and background have far more substance now, and my protagonist(s) have better direction.  They seem a lot happier now too, despite all the problems that beset them. The writing process is a fascinating one for me, as my characters take on a life of their own, developing little quirks and habits that may sometimes irritate me, but make them more believable.  They are becoming scarily independent and frequently make choices that I hadn’t foreseen, or stubbornly refuse to go in the direction I want them to move to.  Or sometimes a new character will introduce him/herself and demand a role in the story.  A debate then ensues regarding their importance or lack of, and do they move the story on or are they just a distraction.  All of which leads to a whole lot more thinking on my behalf.  Do I need them, or do I not? Am I right?  Or are they?  At this stage, it’s often difficult to tell but all of which is leading to rather more interesting (I hope) results.

I did start out in November – as I have done for the past three or four years – with every intention of completing NaNoWriMo. But as usual I fell at the first hurdle after completing only a couple of thousand words.  The fireworks at that time of year caused one of my dogs to go into a complete panic and injure herself rather badly so my attention was on her and her ongoing veterinary treatment, rather than my fantasy world. It has all been rather traumatic, but nobody loves you quite like a dog does, so she has to come first right now. She is my darling fur baby and deserves no less.

* * *

Once again Christmas is creeping up on us at a rapid pace (Creeping?  Galloping, more like!) but for once I have managed to get ahead of myself and have bought and wrapped the gifts, written cards and have started filling the freezer with goodies. This was helped somewhat, by my re-discovering gifts that I had bought a few years ago and had hidden away and forgotten all about. Wonderful!  That meant I was actually 2 years ahead of myself and rather less shopping to fit into my schedule.  All of which leaves me more time than I usually have at this time of year to put fingertip to keyboard and get tapping, although it also indicates that it really is time I sorted out some cupboards.  Who knows what other goodies I might find hidden away?

Anyway, with all that, and Christmas coming too, I’ve been rather busy.  However, that does not excuse my lack of input here over the rest of the year.  I really should keep this up as it does get the creative juices flowing, and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.  Even though I would love to be published – as would most people who write, I am thoroughly enjoy the journey my characters are taking me on, so whether a book deal ever happens or not, I’m having the time of my life.

And on that note, I shall now replenish my coffee cup and move over to Scrivener and carry on.

Author: redemberglow

I have started, and even finished a few novels, yet never have I had one published. This is my wish, that the fantasy novel I am currently working on shall be completed, proof-read, edited and published within the next twelve months. I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire in the UK and have used the surrounding countryside, and some local legends, to inspire my story. I welcome all visitors to my page and shall, in due course, publish snippets of my work for your perusal. I invite any constructive criticism and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and 'wanna be' novelists alike. I am a woman of a 'certain age' and I like to think that my advancing years have given me experience of the vicissitudes of life, all of which can only add spice to the mix. I love to read, cook and garden. I love my family with a passion, and my dogs and chickens very nearly as much! I have always been fascinated by folklore and fantasy and love to immerse myself in the escapism of it all.

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