As I was saying . . .

Ok.  So I’ve done it again.  Another year on and still no published book and pitifully few blog posts.  Why?


That’s why.

Wretched thing.

It creeps up on me every time I sit down to write and whips the keyboard out from under my eager fingers.  I do want to write.  Honestly, I really do.  But suddenly there’s something else far more pressing, that needs my full attention.  Like emptying the bins, cleaning the sink and folding the tea towels.  You know how it is . . .

You know how it is . . .

Having said all that, regardless of whatever it may be that takes me away from my desk, the tale is continuing to unfold in my head and this ‘procrastination’ can actually work to my advantage – sometimes.

I have found that on occasion some mindless task which does not require my brain to be in attendance,  gives me the mind space to sort out my protagonists’ rather pressing problems.  Or better yet, my busy brain cranks up a gear and creates a crisis for her/him to get themselves out of.  Now that can be a whole lot of fun, for me anyway, even if my weary characters throw dark looks and even darker curses at me.  They just want to go home and lead a quiet life.  But I can’t allow them to do that just yet.  There’s stuff to do out there in fantasy land, and they’re the only ones who can sort out the mess I’ve made of their lives.

Either way, when I do manage to wrestle the ‘p’ word to the ground, I go back to my keyboard with renewed enthusiasm and happily tap away again.

That is until Procrastination gets up off the floor and creeps up behind me again.


It just doesn’t know when to give up.


Author: redemberglow

I have started, and even finished a few novels, yet never have I had one published. This is my wish, that the fantasy novel I am currently working on shall be completed, proof-read, edited and published within the next twelve months. I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire in the UK and have used the surrounding countryside, and some local legends, to inspire my story. I welcome all visitors to my page and shall, in due course, publish snippets of my work for your perusal. I invite any constructive criticism and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and 'wanna be' novelists alike. I am a woman of a 'certain age' and I like to think that my advancing years have given me experience of the vicissitudes of life, all of which can only add spice to the mix. I love to read, cook and garden. I love my family with a passion, and my dogs and chickens very nearly as much! I have always been fascinated by folklore and fantasy and love to immerse myself in the escapism of it all.

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