A Birthday

My beautiful Grandson. He came to us after a long dark winter of the heart and brought light, love and laughter into our broken hearts. Thank you Amelie, darling child, for this dear boy; your legacy. God bless my brave daughter and her partner for their strength in overcoming one of life’s toughest challenges. You are an inspiration.

an angel mummy

IMG_0974 I Am Max!

This week we prepare for a Birthday. A very special day in the calendar for this family. A day where we not only celebrate a ‘new number’, but a day where we will be forever grateful to be given the privilege to celebrate.

Perhaps a Birthday in your house is all about presents, cake, balloons and ice cream? Well in our house it is indeed about all of these things, but also about a silent ‘thanks’. A silent prayer that we make another happy year. That our dreams aren’t shattered, that our hopes can be realised.

It is on this day, in particular, that I have to give special thanks to our Angel who gave us this gift. Without her we’d never be able to celebrate our Rainbow.

We are nearing four years since our dreams were realised in the shape of our precious Boy. I remember…

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Author: redemberglow

I have started, and even finished a few novels, yet never have I had one published. This is my wish, that the fantasy novel I am currently working on shall be completed, proof-read, edited and published within the next twelve months. I live in the beautiful county of Shropshire in the UK and have used the surrounding countryside, and some local legends, to inspire my story. I welcome all visitors to my page and shall, in due course, publish snippets of my work for your perusal. I invite any constructive criticism and look forward to meeting fellow bloggers and 'wanna be' novelists alike. I am a woman of a 'certain age' and I like to think that my advancing years have given me experience of the vicissitudes of life, all of which can only add spice to the mix. I love to read, cook and garden. I love my family with a passion, and my dogs and chickens very nearly as much! I have always been fascinated by folklore and fantasy and love to immerse myself in the escapism of it all.

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